Thursday, June 17, 2021

Song of the Day: 'The Visitors' by ABBA

I always thought this must have made a gay-club comeback at some point because it elicits too many dancefloor memories to have been released in 1981 -- and only peaking at No. 63 on the Billboard Hot 100. But now I'm just realizing (via Wikipedia) that Abbacadabra released several dance cover remixes of the song during the late 1990s, which apparently drugs and alcohol prevented me from realizing weren't the original! 

Trivia: "The Visitors" was selected as the second single for the U.S. market while "Head Over Heels" was released elsewhere, downgraded to a b-side in the States.


tmpr said...

Disco for agoraphobes! My friends and I would beg the dj to play this song at the gay club in Omaha back in ‘82 - ‘83. Sometimes they did and that rush when the chorus explodes was ecstatic. There was a Saturday Night Fever dance floor too, which made it even more amazing. And we were all new wavers. Memories!

Jim said...

I danced to this at the Lost n’ Found in DC. And I still own it on vinyl!! We went crazy over this when the dj played it. They also spun it at The Pier.