Thursday, June 10, 2021

Song of the Day: 'I Don't Mind' by Lindsey Buckingham

What to make of this? First the 71-year-old rocker got fired by Fleetwood Mac after one too many eye rolls and wisecracks directed at Stevie Nicks. Then he looked near death following emergency open-heart surgery in early 2019. And now in the past 48 hours comes word that he's got a new single, album and upcoming tour -- and that his wife of 21 years has filed for divorce. Guess it's safe to say we've located the root of all that drama from back in the day! 

Lindsey writes: 

My new self-titled album is one I’ve been intending to get out for a couple of years now, but on more than one occasion, unforeseen circumstances necessitated a postponement of plans. Now that we’re back in gear, I’m thrilled to finally be sharing this new music with my listeners! “I Don’t Mind,” the first single off the new self-titled album, out 9/17, is available now. Tickets for the 2021 solo tour are on sale this Friday from 10 a.m. local HERE.

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