Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Goodbye Girl' by David Gates


Well yesterday sure was great. First Damian and I enjoyed an intimate lunch in Central Park -- not even a torrential downpour could persuade me I’m anything but the luckiest guy on earth -- and then later we had a wonderful French dinner and watched "The Goodbye Girl," a 1977 film for a 1967 guy. Along with "Annie Hall," it was a movie from my childhood that made me long for Manhattan -- something about a mincing Richard III and a world-weary 10-year-old spoke to me. 😉

Thanks for all the birthday love via email and social media, everyone. You can see more about my special day on Instagram -- including my bathtub story(!) -- HERE.

My brother Bill was a huge Bread fan so bought the Spun Gold 45 of this and the b-side, "Took the Last Train," was equally good!

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David K said...

love the Goodbye Girl, just recently watched Only When I Laugh, it was decent, a nice little slice of old NY