Monday, June 14, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Eighties' by Killing Joke

Although these post-punk rockers had nearly 20 (very) modest chart singles in their native U.K., the only Killing Joke track that ever made an impact here was today's SOTD, a political rant that was (oddly) featured in the John Hughes film "Weird Science" (1985). Wikipedia notes that a short snippet of "Eighties" was the opening theme to the short-lived sitcom "That '80s Show" (2002) and as the theme song for the Investigation Discovery series "The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade." (It also notes that Nirvana's record label was hesitant to release "Come as You Are" as a single as not to draw attention to the song's similar guitar riff.) 

Bananarama watchers may recall that Killing Joke bassist Youth would later go on to produce the gals' 1991 album, "Pop Life," which many hardcore fans believe is their finest.

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Trivia Queen said...

For an added gay reference, Killing Joke also had a track on the "Showgirls" soundtrack that kicks ass if you like guitar rock. One of the best riffs ever, should have been all over rock radio in the US but never was...