Monday, June 14, 2021

Page 1 Roundup (06/14)

Deadline: Let me guess, Hillary killed him "too"

The GuardianYou cannot exclude gay men from the story of ACT UP

Washington BladeKamala Harris becomes first sitting veep to March in a Pride event

Boy CultureThe mind-blowing magazine archive of Dr. Steven Lomazow

Question: How big is it?

Hot Slut Sighting: 'Jessica, we are live'

76 CrimesUzbekistan lawmaker calls for mass deportation of LGBT people

Back2Stonewall: Paul Lynde's funny and not-so-funny life

ExtraNed Beatty, actor known for ‘Network’ and ‘Deliverance,’ dies at 83

Thousands rally in Brooklyn to protest ‘state of emergency’ for trans youth

Something weird on the beach was staining their feet -- but what?

Hot Cat of the Day: Snickers likes to come along to make sure you buy the right treats


j said...

The Act Up article is another instance of revising gay history to make it more "inclusive" Act Up was founded by gay white men and that is a fact. Larry Kramer must be turning over in his grave.

RomanHans said...

Great links, lots of rabbit holes. Small world: John Travolta’s alleged boyfriend found Paul Lynde when he died.