Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Bag Lady (I Wonder)' by Ebn-Ozn

Althought it appears to have since been edited, Damian and I were dying when he looked up "The Name Game" entry on Wikipedia -- a song he fell in love with when Jessica Lange's character lip-syncs it on "American Horror Story" -- which then took him to the singer Shirley Ellis's page. In it, it talked about her great success with the song but made a point of saying she wasn't "just a novelty act," having also charted with "The Clapping Song"(!).

I replied: "Toni Basil wasn't just a novelty act, either. She also had 'Shopping From A to Z' ... A, apple! B, banana! C, cherry!"

No sooner did I recount this to my friend Christopher, he saw my Toni Basil and raised me an Ebn-Ozn: "Bag Lady (I Wonder)" was the duo's embarrassing if well-meaning followup to the rather infectious "A, E, I, O, U Sometimes Y." At least the video had Imogene Coca although Deb and Lucy could have probably used the work more!

P.S. This whole ordeal led me down a rabbit hole, where I learned that Ned "Ebn" Liben died of a heart attack in1998, leaving behind and wife and son. 

And that Robert "Ozn" Rosen officially changed his name to Robert Ozn and went on to become a Hollywood script analyst, screenwriter and producer.

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