Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Tweet Nothings

It always feels like one step forward  

... And then two steps back 

Ask your doctor if Kvitova is right for you 


But does he have a uterus?  

Putting aside the fact that the framing here is way off -- the media isn’t there to build you up(!) -- this touches on something Damian and I have been talking about for years: What is going to happen when the Most Anxious Generation begins to be in control of the world? 

"Can't direct airplane traffic today, I was triggered during breakfast." 

"Can't come for orientation on my first day of work today -- I didn't feel safe getting dressed. I'll come in when I feel more up to it." 

It's really going to be something. Everyone's feelings and emotions are valid. But sometimes life requires that we soldier on through. If the responsibilities of being a pro tennis player don't suit her mental state, there's nothing requiring her to be one. (Remember when Kristy McNichol gave up acting?)

P.S. Osaka made $55 million last year so can afford to pay the fines for skipping press. Is she offering to pay for lower ranked players who have anxiety, too? 

Related: Should mental health be a valid reason for missing school? Many say yes.

Happy birthday to Stevie Nicks. More people should loudly jangle when they walk

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