Thursday, May 06, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Nobody Else' by Nick Kamen

Just heartbroken to wake to the news yesterday that former model and singer Nick Kamen had died. A mutual friend says the former model and singer had been battling bone-marrow cancer for some time before succumbing to the disease at 59. Like many Gen X gay boys, I fell for Nick like nobody else the second I laid eyes on him -- as did Madonna, who produced his debut single (a leftover she'd demoed for "True Blue") after spotting him in his infamous Levi's "launderette" commercial. 

After leaving the limelight, I still got regular updates on the handsome Brit of mixed Burmese, Irish, Dutch and English heritage from my Michigan childhood best friend, who happened to run  NickKamen(dot)com. Nick was that rare combination of beauty and talent that you don't see every day. Condolences to his family and other loved ones. It's been a rough patch for the Kamens, who lost brother Barry in 2015. RIP.

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Stephen said...

Very sad