Friday, May 14, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Name and Number' by Boy George and Kim Wilde

 Here's a dream duet from my childhood -- and the song even sounds like it's from the '80s. (Do kids even know what "name and number" means?) This appeared on Boy George's recent YouTube-only album called "Cool Karaoke Vol. 1," which led me to believe it's a cover of Curiosity Killed the Cat's song of the same name. (Karaoke = covers, no?) It's not, so I still don't understand the album title. But the song is fun just the same.


You might hear "Name and Number" live this summer if you catch the Mossless Culture Club's U.K. tour along with the "Kids in America" singer, Bananarama and others.

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David K said...

another random tennis comment:
I really hope Sonego wins against Djoker. The announcers were ruminating over whether this is the season when the old guard finally falls. Well, if its Nadal-Djokovic again, I don't see much hope