Sunday, May 16, 2021

Mount Olympia


In honor of Olympia Dukakis, I watched “Steel Magnolias” on Saturday night for the first time. I know, I know. But you have to understand: When I was a boy, Detroit was infiltrated with rednecks and hillbillies who moved there for the auto industry, so I reflexively grew up with a deep aversion to all things Southern -- up to and including a movie starring iconic gay divas. So what did I think, more than 30 years late to the premiere? The film was as schmaltzy as can be, yet of course I enjoyed every second of it -- and totally understand why everyone loves it so. (It's all about the women, of course, but it was a more-than-pleasant surprise to see dreamy Dylan McDermott there, too!) Everybody is great, but no one more so than Olympia, whose character steals every scenes she's in, a rather tall order when Shirley MacLaine is almost always by your side. RIP, Clairee.

P.S. I have shared any number of things on Facebook over the years, from family births and deaths to new jobs, new apartments and new loves. But nothing I have ever shared has ever garnered as many reactions as my post about watching "Steel Magnolias." Make of that what you will!


j said...

It's corny but very well made movie - the female cast is perfect- and only a gay director would have dreamed up the scene in the post game locker room in which we get to see more naked jocks than in a Falcon video

Jack said...

I love that movie! The play is tremendous too, though no men in the play at all. I saw Steel Magnolias at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis before the lockdown. I was surprised at how similar the movie script was to the play. Those are some great lines. I miss going to plays!