Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Song of the Day: 'Blind Love' by Tanya Tucker

When I posted a remix of Blondie's "Slow Motion" the other day, a Facebook friend commented that Tanya Tucker's "Blind Love" -- also produced by Mike Chapman -- reminded him of Blondie's shoulda-been hit single. I don't actually hear it, but it was interesting to learn that the "Delta Dawn" singer went pop rock in 1979 with the album it was on, "Tear Me Apart," which sadly was her first LP to produce no charting singles. (I just played the album and it's quite fun -- "Crossfire of Desire" is a rollicking delight,  "Shady Streets" is her Janis Joplin moment and she even covers "San Francisco (Wear Flowers in Your Hair"!)


Dave in Texas said...

The song Tear Me Apart is a Suzi Quatro cover and actually pretty good. Fun record but quickly forgotten it seems.

Kenneth from the 419 said...

According to the booklet that came with the Platinum Collection double cd- Tanya Tucker was in the studio while Blondie was recording Slow Motion. At some point Tanya began an affair (of course!!) with Mike Chapman while they worked on the Tear Me Apart album. AND if you watch the Studio 54 documentary that aired on A&E in 2018 there is a photo of Tanya sitting on top a bunch of people that included Debbie Harry being squashed!!!