Thursday, March 04, 2021

Remains of the Day (03/04)

Crazy to think John Candy has been dead nearly three decades 

Already, the Democrat is working to raise funds, having shared a link in a tweet on Wednesday in which she wrote: "Chip in to flip this seat blue and unseat Cawthorn." 

Being gay is the best part of my life! 

And people ask why women -- often with children and no money and in physical danger -- stay in abusive relationships   

What does it say about your party's members when ganging up on a marginalized group of people is what unites you? 

The blurring of gender boundaries has allowed for more freedom in online pageants -- and soon, it’s hoped, back in the clubs. 

Experts urge Tokyo Organizing Committee to support anti-discrimination law 

"Wings" was the "Bob Newhart Show" of the 1990s -- underappreciated in a sea of more-acclaimed sitcoms, but so deceptively good. 

Team Joe: The older Hackett brother was a stick in the mud, but just look at him ... swoon! 


David Hobson said...

Sondheim should have insisted Peters play the witch in the film- Streep is a great actress, but she's not a great singer- Peters runs circles around her!

Anonymous said...

Wings isn't good enough to lick Bob Newhart's shoes.

JP Aragon said...

"Wings" was a funny show