Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Remains of the Day (03/03)

And how does this make sense? What you made in 2019 has no bearing on what you're making in a pandemic. This was supposed to be the low-hanging fruit

Breaking: 100 people have $78 billion to spare 

I don't need you to do me a favor, though 

Joe Manchin's daughter raised EpiPen prices over 400%. Neera Tanden criticized her. So Manchin killed Tanden’s nomination to be OMB Director. You do the math. 

Actor Geoffrey Scott dies at 79

Spin magazine talks to the blonde in Blondie about her upcoming tour, her endless optimism, and why nice girls finish first 

I am relieved that this propaganda film doesn't seem to be getting that much traction -- everyone in this family sounds awful, really -- but at least there is some balance here

You really have to feel bad for Dylan Farrow. When she finally got family friend and New York Times columnist Nick Kristof to give her a voice as an adult, she must have felt like her mother's story needed to be fleshed out. There was just one problem -- the toy train outlined on a police sketch wasn't what she guessed it was. Read HERE.

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Edgar_Carpenter said...

Thanks to the links to the critiques of the Woody Allen smear campaign - I'd seen the Guardian article, but not the other.

It's not surprising that in an America where millions of people believe the lies of Trump and his cronies, people would also believe the Farrow family smear stories. Religious Americans, especially, are trained to avoid curiosity about factual claims, and to accept stories that fit their beliefs without question. Critical thinking training in schools would help a lot!