Thursday, February 11, 2021

Song of the Day: 'That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be' by Carly Simon

It's been nice seeing Carly Simon get her moment as the music press celebrates the 50th anniversary of her debut album. The Guardian ranked her 20 best songs -- not bad, but I haven't got time for any list that doesn't include "Libby" or "You Belong to Me" -- and Billboard reveals why she skipped the Grammys the year she won for best new artist, which record exec slight hurt the most, why she needs to be spanked before going on stage and more. (And watch the party at Carly's HERE!)

I know most critics rank the former Mrs. James Taylor a distant third in the "Girls Like Us' trio of Joni Mitchell, Carole King and Carly Simon. But for this Michizona boy -- whose first music memories happened to be the year she ruled the charts with "No Secrets" and its singles, "You're So Vain" and "The Right Thing to Do" -- it's no secret Carly has always been my girl. 

Whether she's being introspective ("That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be"), longing ("Anticipation," "Coming Back Home"), insecure ("We Have No Secrets," "Two Hot Girls [on a Hot Summer Night]"), hurt ("Why"), nurturing ("I Think I'm Gonna Have a Baby," "Love of My Life"), lustful ("Tranquillo [Melt My Heart]"), jealous ("Love Out in the Streets") spiteful ("Vengeance"), forgiving ("Jesse"), rose-eyed ("Hello Big Man," "Like a River"), wistful ("It Happens Everyday," "Coming Around Again"), anthemic ("Never Been Gone," "Let the River Run"), haughty ("Better Not Tell Her"), self-assured ("Take Me as I Am"), heartbroken ("Not a Day Goes By"), sentimental ("Someone Waits for You"), awestruck ("Stardust," "Touched by the Sun"). reflective ("Playing Possum," "We Just Got Here") or simply a girl in love ("Just Like You Do," "Tonight and Forever," "The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of"), she knows what to do to me, better than all the rest. 


Rix said...

Anthem for late upper middle class boomers.

James said...

My Dad was nobody's idea of a hipster and he hated most contemporary music. But I remember him coming home from a business trip to New York in the very early 1970s and going on and on about this stunning young singer he had seen at some club. It turned out it was Carly Simon, and she absolutely knocked him out. He made sure all his friends knew about her; Carly should have paid him a publicist's fee! A few months later, we were driving around and "That's the Way I Always Heard It Should Be' came on WBNS (we lived in Columbus, Ohio) and he got so excited: "That's the one I've been telling you about!" He particularly loved the TORCH album; I think she was probably doing a lot of that kind of music when he initially "discovered" her.