Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Remains of the Day (02/24)

You can't show up in that suit and not expect this to turn into some kind of Skype sex outing 

"Tax cuts pay for themselves"  

Critics slam Sen. Ron Johnson for unfounded claim that ‘fake Trump protesters’ led riots: ‘It’s disgraceful’ 

Rachel Maddow: Huh. It's almost like letting the energy business run itself might not be good for anyone except the energy business. (And those whose palms they grease to get treated like this).

A documentary about the political rise of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, directed by Jesse Moss, has been picked up by Amazon Studios

I can certainly UNDERSTAND why. 

Robert Reich: Louis DeJoy is still postmaster because he can only be fired by the USPS Board of Governors. The current Board consists of two Democrats and four Republicans. But there are three vacancies. To save the postal service, Biden must fill those vacancies and send DeJoy packing. 


Benjamin Davis, a 29-year-old Houston man, has been charged with capital murder after using the hook-up app Grindr to target a gay man and rob him, but then murdered the man, identified as Victor Najera Betanzos, at his westside apartment

FYI: I wonder where nonbinaries fit into this, because I sit when I pee. 🤷

Related: Activists are pushing President Biden to uphold a campaign promise to add the nonbinary designation “X” to federal IDs.

Safe to say Johnny Cash had nothing to do with "The Muppets" set including a Confederate flag. Explaining "A Boy Named Sue" to today's LGBTQ+ activists might prove more difficult(!) ... CC: The estate of Shel Silverstein

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