Friday, February 19, 2021

Remains of the Day (02/19)

Bravo, Mr. President 

The Texas senator faced fierce blowback for fleeing his state as a disaster unfolded. Text messages sent by his wife revealed a hastily planned trip away from their “FREEZING” family home. 

Inside Ted Cruz’s $2 million Houston house where he stranded family poodle 

Nutty rep already has a Democratic challenger 

I almost feel like it's edgier to not have one now 

This better be worth it 

When Rush Limbaugh mocked the deaths of AIDS victims to disco music

This picture warms and breaks my heart. Three LGBTQ legends, yet I'll bet none of them ever said a word about their sexuality to the others -- just as me and my best friends never did for years. What an isolating time to be gay. 

Although your two wins in majors over Tracy in 1982 don't count in my view, here's wishing you a nice day! 

Shots bar: Israelis offered drinks on the house with their vaccine


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