Friday, February 12, 2021

Remains of the Day (02/12)

So it turns out blue lives don't matter 


I'll take that as a yes -- because Biden is concerned about LGBTQ people


More than 80 years ago he played what is believed to have been the first interracial tennis match, against Don Budge, the world champion. But he has become a forgotten footnote of the game’s storied past. 

Has anyone thought of refilling this woman's bipolar meds? 

This Goonie is good enough to eat


JP Aragon said...

Josh Brolin was lucky to inherit his father's hotness genes

Pretzelcoatl said...

You´ll take that as a yes? That´s exactly the problem. You´ll take a weak non-answer like that from a Democratic White House as a "yes". Give me a break. That's more like the the usual "why do you homos have to keep pressing us to do things? Isn't it good enough that we aren't actively doing things against you?" back talk we got from the Obama White House.