Monday, February 08, 2021

Remains of the Day (02/08)

From Covid to climate change, President Biden's popular policies are uniting the country 

From the homefront: My parents have passed 14 days since their positive tests and seem to be on the road to recovery. (My mom even has an upcoming appointment to get vaccinated.) Thanks for all the well-wishes, everyone. xo


But this is why an assured acquittal is still a win for Constitution-abiding voters 

GOP Rep. Ron Wright's Twitter account posted this two days before he died of Covid-19

What to watch for in the gratuitous docuseries  

Dad was "looking" to butch his son up 

But did they do it on the hideaway with bar? 

Felt good to buy THIS


Myk said...

Great news about your parents. Best wishes for continued recovery and good health.

JP Aragon said...

Good to hear about your parents... Russell Tovey is perfect just the way he is

JT said...

Yes glad your parents are ok, just keep in mind the CDC recommendation (and it makes sense) is to delay vaccination for 90 days after an active COVID infection... The feeling is immunity after a COVID illness lasts on average 3-6 months so you don't want to just automatically throw the viral mRNA at the system and either have it mount a questionable response right away, but instead wait for that response to start to wane

ThePolarBeast said...

Relieved that your parents are okay and on track for the vax.