Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Remains of the Day (02/02)

Mayor Pete makes LGBTQ+ history! 

"That the voice of the Biden administration on the world stage, whose words will be analyzed in foreign capitals and provide direction for U.S. diplomats overseas, will be a gay man is unremarkable, which is itself a remarkable thing. It also sends a potent message to foreign LGBTQ activists, especially those fighting in countries where same-sex relationships are still criminalized.” 

John Aravosis: This is why we must must get rid of the electoral college. Republicans are stealing the presidency and forcing unpopular policies down the throats of the majority of Americans. 

White House open to narrowing who qualifies for stimulus checks but keeping payments at $1,400 per person 

Conspiracy theories and disinformation must be treated as "the urgent threats they are" or "the potential for violent unrest and civic dysfunction will only grow.” 

Trump doubles down on false election claim in impeachment response 

'Black Mirror' is starting to look subtle 

This is classic George Zimmerman logic: The Kremlin poisons Navalny and leaves him nearly dead, then penalizes him for not checking in with his parole officer while he's unconscious 

When people say 'cancel cancel culture,' what they're really saying is 'stop holding people accountable' 

In the words of the great philosopher Sarah Palin: 'All of them, Katie' 

Indeed. And have any of you tried French Toast Crunch??? 

Hal Holbrook, five-time Emmy winner, dead at 95 

A friend writes:
I'm so glad this obit mentions "That Certain Summer," a remarkably good TV movie in which Holbrook, who is divorced, has to break the news to his teenage son that he is gay. It aired, somewhat incredibly, in 1972. Holbook's boyfriend is played by a very young, very handsome Martin Sheen.

And how fun are these "Search Party" dolls? When people ask if I recommend the show, now in its fourth season, I never know what to say. The first season is an absolute must-watch. Since then, it has jumped the shark two or three times, yet the characters are so much fun I'm willing to look the other way even though I know others may not be so forgiving.


Myk said...

re: "When people say 'cancel cancel culture,' what they're really saying is 'stop holding people accountable'." About time that was said out loud. I really hope these people don't have living parents. Who could live with the shame of having raised such idiots?

joepelpro said...

"That Certain Summer" was a true television landmark in the treatment of gay characters in television and was a very daring role for any actor at that time

joepelpro said...

Congratulations to Mayor Pete.

barryearle said...

Benj Pasek! He takes time out from writing Tony and Oscar winning scores to eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch! I'm impressed.