Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Page 1 Roundup (02/09)


In this undated photo, Arthur Ashe posed with young, up-and-coming black tennis players Leslie Allen, Chip Hooper, Renee Blount, Lloyd Bourne and Kim Sands.

The Undefeated: Are you ready to be sickened? Tennis trailblazer Leslie Allen, about whom I wrote yesterday, says that during the 1983 French Open mixed doubles final, her male opponent (Eliot Teltscher, whose father was a Holocaust survivor) walked by where she was sitting during the changeover and leaned in and called her the “N” and “C” word. ("He was never so much as reprimanded, and later ascended to be an executive with the USTA.") She says she rarely discussed the harrowing event out of fear of being "Kaepernicked."


Bill Carter said...

Why is Eliot Teltscher's religion relevant to the Leslie Allen story?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

I find it particularly reprehensible when members of other minority groups act this way. He descends from Holocaust survivors.