Friday, February 05, 2021

Bad Call


I must say, tennis will be worse off when Serena Williams is no longer playing. But as a lifelong fan of the sport I will not miss her sycophants, who are so thin-skinned they can turn a routine fact -- even one that’s flattering! -- into an attack. Truly exhausting.


David K said...

said it before, but can we not have Serena fight until the final or semi then fall apart, that is the worst for tennis, because she sucks up all of the oxygen (which might not be her fault), especially with American commentators

demc7 said...

The facts are in- if you can absorb her power and get 4 balls back to her forehand- Serena's shot will break down and she'll hit it into the net or 10 feet long. Watch how her point of contact changes every time she hits a forehand in a rally- her last shot always looks like she's flailing and swinging an axe. I for one can't wait for her to retire. The day Martina turned 30- reporters started asking her when she was going to retire. When she did at 37- from singles, they referred to her as the 'braying old mare'. Yet- nobody seems to aske Serena, Roger or Venus all pushing 40, when they're leaving. Yes- they still win- but so did Martina (3 majors and 10 finals post 30).