Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Remains of the Day (01/20)

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and Kamala Devi Harris took the oath of office at a Capitol still reeling from the attack of a violent mob at a time when a deadly pandemic is still ravaging the country. 

A black guy, an Hispanic guy and a Jew walk into the Senate chamber 

My face hurts ... from smiling!  

I second this emotion! 

Kamala Harris's hometown watches as one of its daughters makes history 

It was supposedly something 'terrific' 

Even Kevin McCarthy can't escape Trump's 11th-hour wrath -- Crazy Donald sees no difference between partial loyalty and wholesale betrayal

I'm with Brianna 

I can't do better than Ezra 

2021 has its best meme 

As we learned during the Obama years, it doesn't matter what we do -- so we should just do what we think is right. 

After the past four years, I hope all Dems have learned to completely ignore  

 White supremacists are so touchy

Final word on Steve Bannon pardon 

I see someone was as taken aback by J.Lo's performance as I was! 

Well, we made it. Although the immediate future looks daunting -- especially on the white-supremacy front -- my hope is now that this demagogue is out of office people will be able to calm down and begin operating in the world of reality, particularly when it comes to fighting the coronavirus. Here's hoping Trump fades in memories as quickly as Bush did, who at the time was the only thing I could think about. xo

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Myk said...

We made it. Now let's hope our new leaders - actual adults - will be bold.