Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Remains of the Day (01/19)


Jon Barrett: That was the first time in 312 days that a president has acknowledged our national pain and loss as a result of Covid-19

Via NYT: A field of flags on the National Mall represents the thousands of Americans who would normally attend the inauguration.

Is this what it's like to have real leadership?

Levine’s confirmation would make her the first transgender federal official to be confirmed by the Senate. 

Grandpa Turtle's getting our hopes up again 

And be on the lookout for my corresponding coffee table book of broken norms in 2022 

Get ready for 4-8 years of this. Yellen hasn't even been confirmed and they're already making this another TARP. Here's an idea: Trump added $7 trillion to the debt -- how about we undo the Trump tax cuts for starters? 

And did you know he can do 'secret' pardons, too? 

Trump lifted coronavirus travel restrictions from Europe and Brazil; Biden team says it won’t last. 

We still have until noon tomorrow -- he promised us 'something terrific' 

Mike Pence is among those who will not be attending Trump’s Nixonian sendoff event at Joint Base Andrews. (You know where you usually say your goodbyes? At the incoming president's inauguration.) 

Attorney says she'll try to depose Trump in three cases after he leaves White House 

MyPillow’s CEO, a Trump supporter, says Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s stopped selling his products 

How about a little EYE CANDY to end four years of tyranny? 

Countdown to the cure: Noon, tomorrow. xo

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