Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Remains of the Day (01/13)

4 years, 3 Supreme Court justices and 2 impeachments.

An obstructionist doesn't change its spots 

No surprise here. This is the only accountability Trumplicans are interested in. Cheney needs to speak to Steve Schmidt. There's really only one party now. 

How racism, grievance, resentment and the fear of diminished status came together to fuel violence and mayhem on Jan. 6

Soccer star Megan Rapinoe says "white supremacist mob" in Capitol attack showed America's "true colors" 

The 'inside job' theory gains more steam 

Gee, this isn't the most unsettling thing of all time 🙄 

NYC axes all contracts with Trump as business backlash snowballs 

The only part of this story that doesn't track is the color of the ringleader's skin 

Adam Schiff has finally been vindicated. But it brings him no pleasure 

Bears reposting 

I'm sorry, but I'm on Team Armed Ex-Soldier. You don't keep someone away from their pet!  

Countdown: A week from today we will have a new president. But the damage inflicted by the current one will last for generations to come.

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