Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Remains of the Day (01/12)

This is huge. Now he needs to go on the record, call his caucus back and get down to business -- immediately. 

Let the dominoes fall ...   

Clear and omnipresent danger 

Democrats want Trump removed immediately. But many Republicans still don’t think he’s done anything wrong. 

Stop the Big Lie. Read HERE

Social media has privacy setting, Grandpa 

Who do you think are the most egregious snubs? 

Impeach Trump Now 

Move over, Madge -- there's a new 'noted hydroxychloroquine advocate' in town!

At the World, Bjรถrk made her American debut. David Bowie played there. Prince, Grace Jones and Madonna were all regulars. 

First Brenda Walsh and now Screech? It's a sad time for off-screen '90s TV villains 

I see the GOP is having another one of its famous "reckonings"

Countdown: 8 of the longest days until this fascist is out of the White House


Read HERE.

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Myk said...

Andy Borowitz is a national treasure. Bless him for making the crazy laughable, if only for a moment.