Saturday, December 26, 2020

Trump Leaves Coal in Struggling Americans' Stockings


CNN's Kevin Liptak hit the nail on the head in his Christmas Eve piece, "Trump puts on show of erratic behavior in final days":

One Republican official said Trump was simply seeking to exact revenge on the Republican Senate leaders, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the number two Republican in the chamber, John Thune, who helped negotiate the package. Both have discouraged efforts to challenge the Electoral College results next month. 

"The Trump tantrum has nothing to do with check size or spending -- he was fully aware of the negotiations carried out in his behalf by (chief of staff Mark) Meadows and (Treasury Secretary Steven) Mnuchin and never said peep," the official said. "This is about McConnell and Thune acknowledging the inevitable. When it comes to venting rage and seeking revenge vs. millions losing unemployment the day after Christmas and millions losing apartments and millions of small businesses going under, there is no contest: his ego always comes first."

But remember, it’s not Dean “I didn’t even know we had a print edition” Baquet’s fault ... 

And regarding the horrifying bombing Christmas morning in Nashville, this tweet sums it up nicely. Thank God no one was killed. 

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Bill Carter said...

"Trump Leaves Coal in Struggling Americans' Stockings"

Well, he campaigned on a promise to "bring back coal". The only surprise is that for once he wasn't lying.