Thursday, December 24, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Hard Candy Christmas' by Tracey Thorn

Even Mary Richards had to work in 1970!

Hey, everyone. I know Christmas isn't going to be ideal. But here's hoping that lying low this year will mean 2021 -- with a new administration and new vaccines -- will be the best one ever. xo

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Twynsf said...

OMG!!! Less than an hour ago I was listening to this album. Great choice for SOTD! Thorn’s interpretation perfectly captures the sadness, disappointment and surprising resiliency of this horrible year. Through the tears I smile knowing things will get better. Thanks for keeping all of us entertained and informed. I honestly would be lost without your daily posts. Hoping you and Damian have the best New Year! - Todd (papamadaSF)