Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Remains of the Day (12/30)

Pelosi presses McConnell to allow vote on bill for $2,000 stimulus checks 

How do you say welcome to the 20th century in Spanish? 

Warp Speed chief: U.S. won’t get AstraZeneca vaccine until April 

Feels like Missouri -- like Ohio -- has permanently moved to the dark side

But did he get $140,000 for it?

I will for feel sympathy of Georgia's governor and secretary of state once they renounce their now-fascist party 

 It definitely won't be called the John Isner 

He will be dissed 

Pence declined to back Gohmert-led effort to upend election, lawyers indicate 


Reminder: 21 days until our autocrat-curious "leader" is history

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Myk said...

re: "But did he get $140,000 for it?" That was laugh-out-loud funny. Thanks for that.