Monday, December 21, 2020

Remains of the Day (12/21)

Conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell was at White House Sunday night for ‘none of your business’ meeting about  overturning election 

Finally, SOME sort of accountability. Newsmax, too

Romney isn’t there yet, but he should consider a new party 

Trump's biggest sycophant appears to have had enough:  'There's no need for a special counsel for Hunter Biden or the election -- and Russia did the hacking' 

Fred Wellman:'re a member of the Homeland Security Committee so let's make this clear. You are treading dangerously close to sedition and incitement of violence. You want to play these cute games...keep going. But fuck around and find out how that will go. 

Bruno Amato: If Dems ran the Senate, Americans would have received their 6th stimulus check for $2000 by now ... and reversed the GOP Tax Scam to pay for it. 

Coalition of Black pastors slam Loeffler campaign ads as a 'broader attack against the Black Church' 

'SNL' mocks Pence as 'the guy who let Covid spread everywhere' 

Matthew Rettenmund: Anyone who leaves their family for Martin Shkreli deserves to have him drop her like a hot potato. 

Reminder: 30 days until our nation's long nightmare is over

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Myk said...

I hope the Democrats learn a lesson from the aggressive and fact-based pushback from the voting machine companies against Fox "news" and Newsmax: never let a bully lie and get away with it. Get the facts out. Threaten with facts - you'll win. Bullies are cowards and can only keep up their bullying when "the best lack all conviction."