Friday, December 18, 2020

Remains of the Day (12/18)

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But watch for the hot 'stache at the end! 

Flynn suggests Trump deploy the military in 'swing states' to 'rerun' the election, soft-pedals martial law 

Hundreds of veterans rebuke Rep. Dan Crenshaw over claims he smeared sex assault victim 

Because deficits AND civility only matter when Democrats are in power. Big question for the next four years: Will the traditional media go back to accepting manifestly bad-faith Republican worries about "the deficit" or "the debt," or will reporters hold them to account?

Kerry Eleveld: @SenRonJohnson —who voted to blow a trillion-dollar plus hole in the deficit in 2017 to boost rich corporations—blocks lifesaving direct payments to struggling Americans during a pandemic. It's nothing short of evil.

Josh Marshall: correct. righteous. impossible not to do. the gravest sort of abuse of office with literal and uncontroverted documentary evidence. 

The Trump family keeps grifting, to the end and beyond

Lara Trump served on the board of a company through which the Trump political operation spent more than $700 million. 

For they that sleep with dogs, shall rise with fleas 

Another day, another con job 

Dean Baquet says ‘Caliphate’ podcast didn’t meet NYT's standards, gets 30th 'second chance' 

Just mind-blowing that it's been two decades. Kirsty remains in heavy rotation at my house. xo

Reminder: 33 more days of this lawlessness

Wife Karen got the placebo ...

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