Monday, December 07, 2020

Remains of the Day (12/07)

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: What to remember about this date that will live in infamy

Chelsea Handler: The plus side of being a Republican who doesn’t wear masks or believe in Covid, is when you get it, you receive the best care in the nation from a team of the top doctors

Faced with history that was a patchwork of lies and omissions, black Alabamians turned to one another to keep stories of the past alive. 

Judge dismisses lawsuit to overturn Biden's Georgia win 

Savvy businessman strikes again 

Georgia “values” is the new term for Southern racism. 

“I didn’t make a false accusation. That is what I thought at the time. That is what I assumed to be the truth at the time." 

Trump aims to boost vaccine confidence at White House summit 

John Aravosis:  Meanwhile, the “Trump Effect” is inspiring a record number of funeral home clients.

 Chris Evert: It’s a sad day as my former coach of six years, Dennis Ralston, has passed away. A deeply religious man, a devoted family man, and a superb player and coach.... he will be missed. RIP Dennis

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