Friday, December 04, 2020

Remains of the Day (12/04)

AGKarlRacine: The Trump Hotel charged the inaugural prayer breakfast group $5,000 for use of an event space. The Trump Hotel charged the Presidential Inaugural Committee $175,000 for use of the same space. That doesn't sound like 'market rate' to me. 

Trump campaign’s star witness in Michigan was deemed ‘not credible.’ Then, her loud testimony went viral. 

I for one want Trump to pardon his children and himself. It's an admission of guilt and the perfect way for history books to summarize his time in office

These two continually hit all the right notes

 I find it rather poetic that Trump is losing so many court decisions "with prejudice."

How Trump's election lawsuits became his worst nightmare 

You had me at 'lethally handsome' 

What's YOUR favorite? 

Reminder: 47 days until we get our country back.


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