Friday, November 13, 2020

Remains of the Day (11/13)

Who do we like? 

Exciting matchup, with one man at the start of his career and one nearing the end 

Yes, yes, yes 

Keep 'em coming! 

I'm just happy his government health care includes mental health coverage 

Tell me again why Supreme Court justices are given lifetime appointments?  

God, this feels so good. 

Thank you, Madam Should-Have-Been-President 

I sure like this idea 

I wonder who he was speaking to here ... 

Biden's winning five states that Trump won in 2016 speaks volumes 

'They only had enough food for a third of us -- overturn the election!' 

Did someone say election fraud? 

Kayleigh McEnany, White House press secretary and Trump campaign spox, refuses to answer a question by referring it to herself 

But I have it on good authority that there are just a 'few bad apples' 

The Gray Lady never did figure out how to cover this person in office, will she out?

Mary Trump gives five reasons why ‘this monster’ Donald won’t run again in 2024: ‘He’s in a state of terror’

1 comment:

Bill Carter said...

Hillary Clinton as next U.N. Ambassador?

Excellent idea, and especially appropriate considering the huge role that another former Fist Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, played as the first United States Representative to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.