Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Living in the Plastic Age' by the Buggles

I appreciate when my bank texts me if they suspect fraud on my credit card. (I just reply “yes it was me” and move on safely.) But over a week ago they unilaterally disabled my account with no warning while they do a “fraud investigation” of a $3 purchase I made online via a vendor from whom I also bought something (without incident) the week before — and they will ABSOLUTELY NOT budge, despite my answering any and all security questions. The investigation is dragging on and several monthly subscription charges (Netflix, Spotify) have been rejected. (Yes, I eventually put my best Karen forward to no avail.)

Meanwhile, my friend has been erroneously locked out of his Facebook account for the past six weeks and counting with no recourse. 

Is this just how it is now?

Footnote: Damian and I ate out for the first time since March last night (his bday) and he had to pay!

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