Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Song of the Day: 'I Got You, Babe' by Joey Ramone and Holly Beth Vincent


Longtime readers know I'm a Holly Beth Vincent aficionado, which can be a lonely place. The gifted singer/songwriter is a bit manic in her output -- vanishing for years at a time and then releasing multiple double-disc collections plus online side projects all at once. So it has been comforting during this current quiet period to find Damian taking to her. Last week he was working in the living room (his "office)" when he heard me playing 2007's "Super Rocket Star" in the bedroom (my "office"), which instantly blew him away. (He called it a more accessible P.J. Harvey, which is high praise from this particular P.J. superfan.) When 2009's "Minnesota-California" followed -- I'm a chronological queen -- he asked if this was a collection of "Celebrity Skin" outtakes. (More high praise -- that's one of his fave albums!) 

From there I dabbled in some Vowel Movement (would you believe I tossed that CD out when I went digital and had forgotten to rip it so had to re-buy it used on Amazon Marketplace????) before going deep into "Demos Federico" featuring 29 raw takes and unreleased songs from the lost years. (He feel in love with "Then Carolyn.") Wait till he hears her two classic albums from the Virgin years.

The punk Sonny and Cher

Joey Ramone feat. Holly Beth Vincent - I Got You babe from Jay honeydog on Vimeo.


Jack said...

Always loved this cover!

Anonymous said...

What I wouldn't give to hear the HBV/Waitresses stuff...

postpunkmonk said...

The first two will pop his head off!

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