Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Remains of the Day (10/06)

Biden's wide lead in post-debate polls leaves Republicans panicking 

What a shock that this lunatic has learned nothing from his experience, which is completely incomparable to average citizens 

World's oldest teenager has social media taken away from him ... again 

Typhoid Trump strikes again 

Hamburglar, husband indicted; grand jury adds charges of tampering with evidence 

 Lunatic's ‘illogical’ move to end stimulus talks baffles Wall Street and Washington

Nate Silver: Wait, so [this lunatic] not only rejects stimulus funds that would probably have helped his re-election chances, but *also* does so in a way to make sure that he personally will take blame for it? 

Want to see just how tiny Donny's $750 tax payment really is? Watch this video. 

Yikes! What were the odds?  

After five hours, Diego Schwartzman gets past Dominic Thiem, into semis 

Andy's mom is a horndog 

Stormy Daniels accuses first mail-order bride of selling her 'p---y' and 'soul' after hearing that Ms. Knavs referred to her as a 'porn hooker'  (Or: Our daily reminder that our country is being 'led' by reality-television contestants)

Eddie Van Halen is dead at 65 after long battle with throat cancer 

Patti LuPone isn't a fan of 'Covita' 

Kellyanne Conway cannot tolerate misinformation(!) 

Biden calls for unity at Gettysburg 

Reminder: Just 28 days until the election. Listen to Debbie and don't forget to vote!


JP Aragon said...

After last time I don't trust the polls

JP Aragon said...

Why do we need another debate?