Monday, October 05, 2020

Remains of the Day (10/05)

Old boyfriends: New book presents unseen images of male affection, love 

The banks also want the insanity to stop 

Alito and Thomas still have it in for Obergefell -- but who else on the court? 

Even sick with Covid-19, lunatic refuses to change tune on pandemic 

Kayleigh McEnany’s prediction comes back to haunt her 

My condolences to Booger 

Give Claudia Conway the Pulitzer! 

How would we be able to tell? 

God, yes. 

Dear Santiago: Yes, you're right.

Reminder: At 29 days it's officially "less than" a month until the presidential election -- and not a minute too soon.  

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joepelpro said...

The book of gay images from the past looks wonderful