Thursday, October 01, 2020

Page 1 Roundup (10/01)


Study finds ‘single largest driver’ of coronavirus misinformation: Donny

The Wall Street JournalWho are the Proud Boys? Donny tells far-right group to ‘stand back and stand by’

‘Mushrooms have kidnapped you’: Pandemic feeds Russia’s obsession with forest fungi

The in-laws will have to wait: Covid forces a break from stress-filled holiday

The making of Queen’s stadium anthem ‘We Will Rock You’

Hot Cat of the Day: Break time at the bodega

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David K said...

I haven't been watching the French because, number one, I don't have the tennis channel, and number two it just feels out of place, those players who skipped NYC and are playing in Paris seem fraudulent to me, our covid rate was low enough that they could have made the trip.If Rafa wins there should be an asterisk next to his victory