Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Song of the Day: 'I Want It All' by Eve's Plum


Season two of the "Pen 15" is back -- each episode is more excruciating than the last -- and the song "Smile" popped up last night, eliciting a much-needed one after more painful junior-high drama. Damian, who also gave up on music by the late 1990s, said he didn't know it -- then blurted out that he did remember that song "Graduation (Friends Forever)," I didn't recognize that one, so looked it up on Wikipedia, only to find out they were both by none other than Vitamin C, who I only realized was Colleen Fitzpatrick -- aka Amber Von Tussle (aka Debbie Harry's daughter) -- from John Waters's "Hairspray" years later. All of this led me to learn that Fitzpatrick was living in the same dorm as Sarah Silverman and John Fugelsang at NYU around the time the film came out -- and then to revisit her early '90s alternative band, Gen Xerifically named Eve's Plum, which always reminded of a cleaner Hole, with a singer you wouldn't be afraid to take home to meet your mother, assuming she wasn't a total stick in the mud.

 "Blue" was featured on "Beavis and Butt-head," but I'm going with another good one from their debut album.

"You got something against Connie Francis?"

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Luis said...

My favourite from that album is "Kiss your feet", hope you know it