Monday, September 21, 2020

Remains of the Day (09/21)

Michelle Goldberg: Can Mitch McConnell be stopped? 

Of the many reasons to vote for Biden, this might be the most compelling 

Yet another reason to love Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

Robert Mueller -- and special counsel’s office -- let the American people down on Trump probe, prosecutor says

Chris Anderson, the supervisor of elections in Seminole County, Fla., on the risks of running a presidential election in a pandemic  

Metronome’s digital clock in Manhattan has been reprogrammed to illustrate a critical window for action to prevent the effects of global warming from becoming irreversible. 

Ellen DeGeneres: If you're watching because you don't like me, welcome! 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg to be first woman to lie in state at Capitol and will lie in repose at Supreme Court 

Remember: The election is just 43 days away

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elJiffy said...

Per Ellen: she's a cunt. Trying to blame her assholeness on a 'toxic work environment', in other words, blaming it all on her underlings, when we all know a fish rots from the head down, is pure bullshit.
Nothing to do with Trump.