Friday, September 25, 2020

Page 1 Roundup (09/25)

‘A million random digits’ was a number-cruncher’s bible. Now one has exposed flaws in the disorder.

Hot Cat of the Day: Say hi to Mia. This two-month-old Colombian cutie belongs to my former Latin lover Rafael. Longtime readers might recall that my essay "The Boyfriend or the Cat" kickstarted my writing career many years ago. (It first appeared in the book "Heavenly Tails.") If your dander is getting up on my behalf, please note that the kitty lives on Rafa's farm so his "allergies" aren't an issue. 🙄

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JP Aragon said...

"The Odd Couple" tv show is classic comedy funnier than the play and the movie- Derek Jeter had a great ass- his Yankee uniform must have been made to size to show it off