Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Page 1 Roundup (09/01)

Hot Cat of the Day: For Purrvana fans only


Steve said...

Not sure why they included "Briarpatch" and "Altered Carbon" in the list. I thought "Briarpatch" was intended to be a one off, aka a 'limited series'. It seemed to be a complete series. I suppose they could have another series with a new cast, and plot, like "American Horror Story" does.
"Altered Carbon" on the other hand is based a series of 3 books. And yes, the lead Takeshi Kovacs, looks different in every book. Guess I will have to reread book.

JP Aragon said...

I'll drink to that Men in Kilts calendar...not body shaming anyone but that gay gainers trend sounds as healthy as guys who starved themselves