Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Wrapped in Velvet' by Minutes From Downtown

Pop confection from Canadian band Minutes From Downtown, led by the original lead singer of the 'B' Girls, Lucasta Ross (aka Rochas). I only recently learned about this 1983 hit from up north, which would have fit perfectly on one of the lists of forgotten classics by women-led new wave bands I posted recently.


Marc said...

I loved this song growing up. It was my favorite song as a preteen.

Nico b said...

Are used to run into Lacasta Ross at a place I was working a decade ago. She still had this real rock ‘n’ roll look - black leather, heavy eyeliner but then you’d talk to her and you’d realize she was just the sweetest person ever!; Fun, caring and whip smart; so likable! I’d Forgotten all about this song. Thanks