Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Trouble' (live) by Lindsey Buckingham

It was sure nice to see that Lindsey Buckingham is back, singing publicly yesterday for the first time since undergoing open-heart surgery in early 2019. (I had literally just been asking Damian if he'd heard any updates on the former Fleetwood Mac man.) The four-song Zoom set was performed in his home studio. Doctors had feared damage sustained to his vocal cords during his operation would leave him unable to sing -- and while he isn't quite 100%, he has made considerable progress.

Like a number of artists, Buckingham had announced a solo tour for 2020, only to have to postpone it because of the coronavirus.

“This [pandemic] has been like a couple of years previous in which things occurred that I did not see coming,” he said. “One was my split from Fleetwood Mac. Another one was having a bypass operation, which I did not expect to happen. So, you could say that this makes it a trifecta of events that were completely off the charts.”

Buckingham also said he has a new solo album ready for release, although when that will happen is anyone's guess.

“We don’t have a release date," he said. "I was meant to be out on the road now promoting it. It should be out in the spring [of 2021] sometime. It’s just self-titled: 'Lindsey Buckingham.' We’ll see where that goes.”


Diane O said...

Thanks for posting this video! I visited his official site for the first time ever this past week in hopes of finding information pertaining to his recovery. I found nothing. No news is supposedly good news, but I was concerned it didn't apply in this particular situation. Happy to see he's doing well and that music is helping him move forward! I've always been a "Stevie First" kind of fan, but was surprisingly disappointed when Lindsey revealed on a CBS interview that she was a key player in his dismissal. The egos in the band were/are insufferable at times, but there's no denying Lindsey was a key player in the production of their sound and success. Welcome back, Lindsey!

Blobby said...

I don't quite get Buckingham's timeline. He wanted to postpone the Fleetwood Mac tour - from which he got fired -so he could promote his solo album, which means it was ready three years ago, though he's always been an over perfectionist.

As for his voice, it sounds fine. There was never any indication he had issues due to intubation, his wife just said she hoped he didn't, but they didn't know. The man IS 71. He's not going to sound like he did - surgery or not.