Friday, August 07, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Magic' by Olivia Newton-John

With thanks to Jimbo, who reminds us of one of the most life-changing dates in LGBTQ history. "Xanadu" must be the best soundtrack to a box-office bomb ever, with nary a miss on it.

 Over the years I have already used "Don't Walk Away" -- YES, I adore the ELO side as well! -- and "Suddenly" (which nearly outed me as a teen) as my Song of the Day -- so why not celebrate four decades since the film's release with its finest moment of all?


Our girl got the message.

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CJ said...

Incredible soundtrack, and the movie is bad but I love it. Plus you get a glimpse of ONJ's future hubby Matt Lattanzi at the end of the movie!