Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Page 1 Roundup (08/25)

AttitudeRed Hot Calendar launches 2021 campaign: First sneak peek pics

PeopleScott Peterson’s death sentence is overturned

Daily Xtra: Loneliness and outrage in the age of Grindr

Greg in HollywoodElton John -- who was sued by his ex-wife for not kissing and telling too much -- says new chapter in paperback edition of his memoir may include 'some tantrums and drama'

New York Post: Jerry Falwell Jr.’s status as president of Liberty University unclear amid sex scandal

Jerry Falwell Jr. allegedly caught on tape warning pool boy not to make wife jealous

Ex-‘throuple’ pol Katie Hill rips Jerry Falwell Jr. over sex scandal

The Washington PostFlorida judge blocks order requiring in-person learning during coronavirus pandemic

The New York TimesCurrent FDA ‘grossly misrepresented’ blood plasma data, scientists say

New York attorney general asks judge to order Munster testimony

Aleksei Navalny, Putin critic in a coma, was poisoned, German doctors say

The Wall Street JournalAmazon to add jobs, office space in New York City

How do you play soccer in a pandemic? Human foosball

Hot Cat of the Day: Now that's what I call a page-turner!

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JP Aragon said...

Elton just want to sell more books... the pool boy saga just gets nuttier and nuttier- ( I thought it was amusing than in one of the political correct on line sites described the pool boy as the "pool attendant" spoiling the humorous aspects of the narrative )