Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Harden My Heart' by Quarterflash

Damian was just 4 years old when Quarterflash became huge stars and then disappeared over the course of two years. The other night he came home from Westside Market -- home of the ultimate '80s mixtape -- singing "Harden My Heart," wondering who this "Pat Benatar meets Scandal" artist was. As I recalled their moment in the sun that included two other big hits -- "Find Another Fool" and "Take Me to Heart" -- I was reminded that they also did the wonderful title track for the film "Nightshift," Ron Howard's second crack at film direction that introduced us to a young Michael Keaton and Shelley Long, whose television series "Cheers" would debut about a month later. Oh, how I've missed Rindy Ross and her saxophone! 


Blobby said...

I still love their "Valerie" and "Williams Avenue". But "Find Another Fool" was completely underrated.

Dave in Texas said...

Harden My Heart sounded so good on my stereo in my Camaro!