Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Hey Deanie' by Shaun Cassidy

Unrequited love was the theme of last night's “James at 15” -- by James for sister Sandy’s 12-year-old friend ... 

and Dad for one of his students, played by the (third) Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) on “General Hospital.” 

Shaun Cassidy’s “Da Do Ron Ron” and “Hey Deanie” were blasting at the tween’s birthday James got roped into attending. A decade later and with his teen idol days behind him, Cassidy would also turn up in Port Charles as “likable drifter” Dusty Walker.

Kim Richards, before Kyle stole her house

Watch "Unrequited Love ... Twice!" HERE.


Now getting back to "General Hospital:: Georganne LaPiere -- aka Cher's younger half sister -- originated the role of Heather (nee Grant) in July 1976. In August 1977, she left the show to pursue movie stardom, a decision she later said was a mistake

 She was replaced by Mary O'Brien in September 1977. O'Brien vacated the role in July 1979 when Heather overdosed on LSD, which was when my family was knee deep in soaps! O'Brien was reportedly offered the chance to reprise the role in 1980 but refused. 

In October 1980, Robin Mattson joined the cast as Heather Webber.

Shaun Cassidy and Hardy brother Parker "Thanks for giving me the big one" Stevenson almost seem LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE!

One Jeff, Three Heathers:

Richard Dean Anderson and Georganne LaPiere

Richard Dean Anderson and Mary O'Brien

Richard Dean Anderson and Robin Mattson

I love that Cher's sister originated the role and thought Robin was great with Scotty Baldwin -- can you guess why I was a fan, below? -- but no one will ever be as crazy as Mary O'Brien as Heather!

Robin with Kin Shriner, after Laura ran off with her rapist 

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