Thursday, June 18, 2020

Rep. Matt Gaetz Wants You to Know He Is Raising a 'Non-White' Kid

Florida Man Discloses Secret Son

Some people were a little thrown off when Rep. Matt "All Lives Matter" Gaetz suddenly announced he has a 19-year-old son. He says he was "triggered" to finally introduce the young man when a fellow congressman "diminished the contributions of Republicans" because they "don't raise non-white kids." (He's referring to the dust-up he had with Rep. Cedric Richmond during a House Judiciary meeting on Thursday.)

Apparently the Florida Republican thinks "taking in"* a Hispanic boy -- whom he's intermittently referred to as a "local student," "helper" and "House Page" -- as a 27-year-old with a drinking problem gives him a pass for his lack of compassion for the Black Lives Matter movement. (It doesn't.)

As long as he's not using his "son" as a pawn.

 All of this is completely irrelevant because THE POLICE ARE NOT GOING TO SHOOT NESTOR FOR NO REASON.

Instead, the whole thing just came across as creepy and opportunistic, like when Lt. Dangle found out he may have fathered a son on a classic episode of "Reno 911!" ... only that is a TV farce of how people (shouldn't) behave. 

Next you're going to try to tell me Jerry Falwell Jr. was ADOPTING BOYS, too.

*Apparently Nestor Galban wasn't actually adopted, but was the little brother of a woman Gaetz was dating, whose mother died. Why the kid could be pawned off on a boyfriend and not cared for by the sister is unclear.


There's some speculation that the mother isn't even dead, which makes the whole thing even dumber.


Jack said...

Which one is the wife?

Warren said...

I need a shower

Edgar_Carpenter said...

Of course, Hispanics come in all racial categories. Mexico alone has all possible racial categories in its population. So "Cuban" doesn't mean the same as "Non-white".

Racism is a thing. The made-up racial categories of racism are a thing. Race, though is not real. A number of cultures have gotten along just fine with no races at all - which is so not-American that most Americans can't wrap their heads around the thought of no races at all.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Matt Gaetz is definitely the Daddy here, and besides -we know that opportunistic son of a bitch couldn’t nurture a rattlesnake. Sorry Nestor, I’m sure your motives were pure in the beginning, and at least now you are legal for whatever you choose to partake in. Easy living with a drunk than your broke beard sister? Buy a crash helmet the sky will fall!