Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Graduate

My 17-year-old nephew is (virtually) graduating from high school today. (They hope to have a real ceremony once the virus is contained.) I'm sure I don't have to tell anyone who has nieces, nephews or children of their own how impossible this seems -- how is he not still 5???? -- but alas here we are. Boys can be pretty awful. So how lucky are we that he's grown up to be a truly wonderful young man who earned a college scholarship and will leave home in the fall, virus permitting!

I spent last night misty-eyed going through old photos from my digital camera days, so bear with me here. xo

Visiting Phoenix for his 1st birthday (2003)

Getting in trouble for taking pics at Pottery Barn Kids (2005)

Taking him to my old college hangout, the Coffee Plantation on Mill Avenue  (2005)

My blog's cutest PR rep (2006)

With his new sister (2006)

First visit to NYC (2007)

Grandma and Grandpa took him on his first trip to DC (2009)

Capitol tour (2009).

AJ was one of my first blog posts back in 2005!


frankb said...

Great post Kenneth!! I have been there, wait until THEY have kids.. LOL! I really don't feel old until my nephews/nieces tell me their age.

jaragon said...

Congratulations to AJ and as gay uncle to three nieces I know how you feel